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Be Confident in a Job Interview

Who isn’t nervous during a job interview?  Even the most self-assured candidate is going

to have a moment or two of self-doubt.  But the trick is to keep this to yourself and

portray an image of confidence.  This is what a potential employer wants to see if you are

not confident in your own abilities why should they be.  Here are a few ways to exude


Make eye contact, nothing is more of a dead give away of poor self-confidence than a

person that will not look someone in the eye.  Walk up to your interviewer, extend your

hand and look in them in the eye when you greet them and express your pleasure of

meeting them.  And don’t beat around the bush when you are talking.  Saying thinks like,

“Well, I kind of helped with a project but I didn’t run it myself,” screams I do not think I

am worthy of this position.  Instead, say this, “I assisted in a very successful project and

played a key role in bringing it to completion.”  Your role in the project may not have

changed the perception the interviewer has of you has.

If you haven’t been on very many interviews or it has been some time since you last

attended one, it is understandable to be nervous.  The more interviews you complete, the

more confidence you will gain in your abilities to sell yourself.  And you have to

remember that if you were not qualified you would not have gotten the interview in the

first place.  Use that knowledge to your advantage and instill confidence in yourself.  As

a back-up measure, get some friends or family members to remind you of all of your

great traits and what makes you special – an ego boost before an interview can certainly

boost your confidence level.

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