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Commencement Of A Career: 2006 Graduation Employment Outlook

The members of the Class of 2006 are expected to be met with great opportunity after they accept their diplomas and embark on the U.S. workforce. Baby boomers are beginning to retire and, as a result, employers are aggressively recruiting top talent to not only fill open positions but to identify and retain the best and brightest.

Fortunately for these graduates, the job outlook is strong, as 72 percent of employers anticipate hiring entry-level employees in the next year, according to a recent survey conducted by MonsterTRAK, the leading careers site for college students and young alumni. Additionally, 37 percent of employers report plans to hire more college graduates than they did in 2005. The MonsterTRAK survey also revealed that 82 percent of graduates expect to receive at least one job offer following graduation, while 13 percent have already secured a full-time job.

According to MonsterTRAK, it is possible for 2006 graduates to land the opportunity of their dreams, if they follow their instincts and develop a strategic plan of action to secure their career goals. Before starting a job search, graduates should answer these four questions:

• Who Are You? New job seekers should first complete a self-evaluation, examining both personal and career-related goals, interests and values. This will provide the framework for exploring career objectives and narrowing a job search.

• Why Hire You? After completing a self-evaluation, grads will be better equipped to identify their most compatible career path and create a strong resume. Recognizing weaknesses can also be beneficial, as it can provide direction as to the skill sets they need to master.

• Where to Work? Throughout an initial job search, making a strong connection with a future employer is essential. The best strategy is to research successful companies within a given field, applicable hiring trends and the availability of entry-level positions.

• How Do You Make the Connection? Informational interviews and internships can be particularly beneficial, as they provide education regarding the skills required and help to forge networking relationships. Roughly 57 percent of 2006 grads surveyed by MonsterTRAK have already completed at least one internship.

Finally, one of the most important things recent graduates should recognize is that their job search will be an ongoing learning experience. Starting with clear objectives and a good understanding of their capabilities will help build the confidence needed to shine during interviews. The future looks bright for the members of the Class of 2006, but it is up to them to properly market themselves and seize all the opportunities ahead.

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