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Do You Feel Like You Are In A Pressure Cooker? (Life  Should Be Taken Slowly But Surely)

Are you sometimes worried? Is the burden and challenge of everyday life proving to be too much for you? Do you ever feel that you always have so much to do and so little time to do it?  Or, do you feel that  you are simply not fast enough to do every single task at home and in the office?

The fact is, we all undergo pressure and feel that we are, in one way or another, unable to cope with the mad rush of 21st century living.  When we push ourselves too hard, we usually wind up being less effective in getting things done. And much worse, we fall down in a spiral of depression, stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can hinder us in a number of ways, namely:

l    It diminishes the quality of our thinking process;

l    It causes a strain on our nervous system;

l    It makes us more irritable;

l    It makes us hard to get along with others;

l    It robs us our joy; and

l    The pressure could even cause an anxiety attack.

But stress and anxiety need not deny you of happiness and success.  There are ways to properly deal with these emotional and psychological burdens.  The first step to take is to become organized.  Most of the time, the pressure we feel when we see our work calendars and organizers is due to our lack of organization.  Time management and a clear knowledge of priorities are a must.  You could be the most organized person in the world but if you don't manage your time, it will eventually affect your fulfillment, productivity, relationships, happiness  and everything else that matters.

Is it possible to be very busy without feeling under pressure? Is your work too important that you have no more time to take time to be recharged? Psychologists often say that a certain amount of pressure is necessary for a normal, healthy life. However, too much pressure can result to sleepless nights, over-eating, smoking, drinking, and substance abuse. Here are some helpful tips to get out of that “pressure cooker”:

l    Acceptance - Accept that life is not perfect and avoid too much self-criticism.

l    Accept your limitations - Know your short comings and boundaries.

l    Find a win-win situation -  Balance your time and energy for family and work.

l    Be kind to yourself - Do yourself a favor and get some “pampering.”  Treat yourself to a massage or a day in the salon.

l    Exercise and Relaxation -  Improve your body through exercise and allow your body to recuperate through relaxation.

l    Avoid unnecessary conflict - Find a solution to a dispute. Stay calm and negotiate in a diplomatic manner. Don't be too argumentative.

l    Manage your time more effectively - Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

l    Find time to meet friends - Talking with friends is a proven stress relief method. Setting a meeting with friends helps us to relax and have fun. Having a good laugh with them takes the load of your backs from the pressures at work. Moreover, laughter boosts the immune system that is often weakened during stress.

Exposure to prolonged pressure can lead to physical, behavioral and psychological problems that can adversely affect a person's life. Make sure you take time out to recover from the pressures you encounter every day.  Remember, you can choose to remain in control of your stress and your life, in general.

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