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Football Scholarships and Football Recruiters

As high school athletes your likelihood of getting college football scholarships is determined as much by being in the right place at the right time as it is by your playing skills.  College recruiters at the various universities have hundreds of prospects which each take hours of analysis and research just to find out who is eligible.  With Excell Sports, your profile is sent out to all the JR, NCAA, and CIS teams in North America and is available to all recruiting coordinators who have registered.  They have access to your profile and football game film through our online football prospects data base. It is extremely important to have your highlight film available. This process cuts the time by 75% for the recruiters.   Players entering the freshman years in high school can now have college scouts /recruiters look at them and watch as their athletic careers progress. This allows the colleges or JR programs to see the growth potential you might have. The ability to have your game film seen right beside your picture allows the scouts to see if you have the potential, not just look football combine stats that only tell half the story.

There are over 700 college programs in the Unites States alone.  That is too many for you try to contact.  In addition, your focus is usually on one or two schools, and if you are not offered football scholarships by these programs, you feel you’re playing days are over. This is not the case at all.  There is always an opportunity - it is just finding the right opportunity.  Football recruiters from a school you might not have known existed could be interested in you, but if they have never seen you or heard about you, how will they know you even want to continue playing.  We can help! We are in constant contact with college coaches from throughout Canada and the U.S.  We help you find the right place for you to receive your education and continue playing the game you love. The recruiting process can be one that is confusing and frustrating.  We can answer questions and have your best interests at heart as we are not affiliated with any college; we just want what is best for our clients.  

As an NCAA, CIS, JR or NAFL player your profile is also sent out to all professional and semi pro teams. It is very important to stay on the radar screen for these teams, especially if you are among the football free agents. If you are not on a list you will NEVER get called. Football pro style personnel and scouts are always scouring lists for the next guy. Injuries happen, guys are not performing, and players need to be called up ASAP. How do they find you? They now have a short list or staged list of guys that they feel can contribute immediately or down the road. In the NFL approximately 34% of this year’s rosters were filled by undrafted free agents. In the CFL every import roster position is filled by a free agent. Did you know, that in the 2007 CFL non import positions were filled by 54 football free agents/undrafted players.  You need to be on a list!

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