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How to get more interviews - working tips

How to get more interviews
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1. Contact the company to confirm the date and time of your interview.  Also confirm the name and title of the individual(s) you will be meeting.

2. Get directions to the interview site.  Be sure to double check the directions using a map. This will ensure that you know the way and also give you an approximate travel time – don’t forget to allow for extra time for rush hour!

3. Lay out your entire interview outfit.  Check it for any spot, wrinkles, or snags.

4. Print off a few extra copies of your resume and cover letter on nice paper.  Even if the interviewer has a copy of their own, it’s always a good idea to have a backup copy.  This is also helpful if you end up interviewing with multiple individuals, since the head interviewer may be the only person with a copy of your resume.

Get a good night’s sleep!
But if you don't ........

Remember When a new job is posted online, 250 people send in their resume. 20 of them are read by a human being, the rest are rejected by software.  If you're not using resume scanner software. there's a very good chance your resume will never be seen.


How to get more interviews

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