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Finding a job, and property online is easier than you think !

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Passive Income For Life

Passive Income For Life

Everyday you can read articles about how people network and find another job. 

You can find countless numbers of books and articles on how to create relationships to find jobs that might not otherwise be known. But what about people who don’t want to work?

What would I love to do even if I did not get paid for it?
B. How many days will I work each week?
C. What type of work from home business am I interested in?
D. Where will I live?
E. What do I like to do?

Determine what you need to happen to get out your job. Do you know how much you need to make in your business to leave your job?  What is your financial freedom number? Your financial freedom number is the amount of income you need to have coming in passively each month to cover all of your expenses.

One of the reasons you want to know this is when you are looking at home based business income opportunities you want to choose one that has the profit potential you want and need. If your financial freedom number is $5000.00 per month you don’t want to choose a business that does not have the potential to net that on a passive basis.

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As you are networking and meeting new people you can analyze the business opportunities that arise from a totally unemotional point of view because you are clear about your goals.

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